Firstly, a huge thank you for just taking the time to check out a little more about me and my life, this means so much so here goes…

I got my first camera back in 2011 and as soon as I picked it up, I was instantly hooked!! I would make the most of every opportunity to go out and take photos, but this hobby became more than that... It became my right arm, my soul, my true passion for capturing everything I could.

I was then lucky enough to second shoot for a wonderful Wedding Photographer in Shropshire. It was after this, that I knew not only did I want to be a Professional Photographer, but I know how much I loved working with people in order to capture life itself through my lens.

During this time I worked in an office and battled horrendous depression and anxiety. I knew that the only thing keeping me going was my Photography. I struggled on for a few years, then out of the blue one night, I had a call from my Grandad that was to change my life forever… This man, who has supported and loved me unconditionally all of my life, a man whom I will forever aspire to, had seen a job advert for a Press Photographer for a Local Newspaper. This was my chance and I grasped it, even though I felt very much out of my league in doing so!!

I put together an application as if my life depended on it and was asked to attend an interview. Again, with the help of my family, I put together a Portfolio of my favourite images and to my amazement, the passion and drive in me paid off as I was offered the position!! I felt it was some kind of a miracle!! Little did I know just how much my life was about to change from this point forward…

I have now been a Professional Photographer since 2015, and to this day I still cannot believe I get to say that!! During this time, I have travelled endlessly across Shropshire and the Midlands, meeting and photographing true life!! I have come across some of the most wonderful human beings and these people, who have not only made up a huge part of my ever increasing Portfolio, but also shaped me as an individual.

As you’re reading this now, my passion continues, capturing peoples personalities and emotions that tell a story to leave legacies…

Thank you for taking the time to stop by!!

Best wishes,