Jamie is an amazing artist who brings all of his skills, expertise and professionalism to every shoot. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jamie on several occasions and he exceeds expectations every time. Jamie’s ability to bring out the best in his subjects and put them at ease is as impressive as his work. I will treasure the art he has created for me and my family.
— Martine Britt - May 2019
You truly are one of the most talented photographers I’ve met. Your patience, modern approach & professionalism is also second to none. Aren’t we lucky to have you locally.
— Julie Ward - May 2019
You really are the best photo journo I’ve come across in many, many years. You are able to turn up and no matter the situation, you come away with stonking images. Year on year, you have grown as a Photographer and have developed your own style. I will continue to follow your work with interest. xx
— Clare Wheatley - April 2019
Thank you so much for your brilliant photography! We really appreciated your enthusiasm and art direction!
— Zoe Ashbridge - March 2019
The images Jamie took are absolutely stunning, perfectly capturing a lovely young family - including an eight-month-old baby - in a way he could only have done by really taking the time to get to know them and listening to how they wanted to be portrayed.
— Dan Morris - FEB 2019
We couldn’t have praised Jamie any higher for his professionalism, sensitivity and friendliness, and above all how relaxed he made us feel.
— Emma Sandau - FEB 2019