This is Martins Kokins πŸ’™



Our Fight With Cancer.

This is Martins Kokins πŸ’™

For those of you that have followed my page a while, you'll remember that I photographed Martins and his fiancΓ©, Hannah, back in August 2018.

I photographed them for the Shropshire Weekly Magazine to go with their story on life with Cancer, which was written but the talented Nathan Rowden - Journalist

I was then fortunate enough to photograph them again in March of the year. This time, for the Shropshire Star as they talked about planning a Wedding with Cancer, again written by Nathan.

As you can appreciate, on these two occasions, I got to know them more and more and when you meet people more regularly, you start to form a relationship with them and it was always a joy to meet them.

Martins and Hannah had their Wedding booked for July 2019. White Apple Photography by Abi Boyle asked me to team up with her to help photograph their Wedding.

In May of this year, we all met up to take their Engagement photos at The Quarry in Shrewsbury, and we all had an amazing day together!! The weather was beautiful, Martins seemed much healthier, and life was going well for the both of them.

Unfortunately... after problems with treatment, restarting chemotherapy, back and forth to Hospital, Martins sadly lost his fight last night... πŸ’”

I am truly devastated.

I have met Martins enough times now to tell you that he was one of the strongest, happiest and most positive human begins I have ever had the pleasure in meeting. He was always smiling, full of life and just a true gentlemen.

I knew that from the day I met them, having photos to look back on would be hugely important, but I didn't expect them to be of such importance so soon...

Absolutely lost for words today Martins, but I just want to say thank you. Thank you for always smiling and showing me, along with you everyone else, that no matter what life throws at you, you are the one in control of how you deal with that, and how important it is to live a full life.

Follow their journey - Our Fight with Cancer.

"I hope Hannah is going to lead a new life and stay positive. I want to be remembered in a positive way" - Martins Kokins - August 2018.

Rest easy Martins. x