Sandau Family.



Everyday, I have the privilege meet so many different people, from all walks of life, all with their own unique stories to tell.

Some of these people however stick with me more than others. It could simply be because of their personalities, their quirkiness, something they’ve said, something they’ve experienced that moved me, or whatever it may be...

From time to time, some folk touch me in a way that really connects with me, that touches my soul, and this is why I love what I do.

This leads me on to the Sandau Family.

I met these guys last weekend for the first time at their home in Eccleshall. Emma, had recently been diagnosed with Cervical Cancer after a routine check up. She had not long just had her first child, (who is an absolute belter of a little boy I may add!!), but Emma had to make a very difficult decision with her husband Ove, and that was she would under go a hysterectomy. A decision at such a young age, that she never thought she'd ever have to make and alter her life forever.

I turned up early, (in true JR style), and was welcomed by this truly humbling family, that having gone through such a difficult time, were still so kind, caring, bubbly and joyful to be around. I just felt so relaxed around these guys, and no matter what was happening, we just didn't stop talking and taking photos!! We had the greatest of fun, given the circumstances.

Emma has this just this week been given the all clear, which is such great news right!? I even did a cheeky air bump as soon as I found out as I was that chuffed for her!!

Their story is in todays Shropshire Star/Express & Star, as Emma wants to make a difference, to tell more people to get tested and to just help anyone she can, because she's a true fighter.

Thank you so much again guys, it was an honour meeting you all!!

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